MA in English

There are three ways of earning a MA degree in English: through coursework, through coursework and a Major Research Paper (MRP), and through coursework and a Thesis. Details about each of these models can be found in the MA handbook under "Current Students."  Most students choose the course-based model.

Students in doubt about which model best suits their interests and abilities should consult the Program Director.  Students wishing to complete the Thesis option must be absolutely certain that they have the self‑discipline and research/writing skills to undertake the kind of extended research and writing that a thesis requires.  Embarking on the thesis without a clear focus and ready skills often results in time delays and additional fees.  This is not to discourage but to advise.

Admission Requirements

Students will be considered for admission as Candidates for the MA degree with at least the following:

  • an honours degree in English, or its equivalent;
  • a minimum B+ average and at least a B+ in English and Humanities courses in the last two years of study.

While applicants are ranked initially for consideration according to their GPA, full assessment of an applicant’s file includes careful attention to the Statement of Interest, writing sample, and letters of recommendation.  We look at numbers, but we want people who are as imaginative as they are capable.