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Call for Papers: 2016 English Graduate Colloquium: Shattered

photo of the 2016 English Graduate Colloquium posterThe word “shattered” often evokes images of destruction and radical change, apocalypse, ruined worlds and words; madness, trauma, and fragmented selves. Yet shattering also opens up possibilities of innovation and transformation where altered identities and movements, new modes of being might emerge. Contemporary and past rebellions relentlessly disrupt norms and smash taboos, plunging collectivities in worlds that are constantly in the process of breaking and remaking. With “Shattered,” we invite interdisciplinary presentations on the aesthetic and political movements, people, and events that explode and reassemble worlds, discourses, societies, and modes of being.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • literature and art that broke conventions
  • trauma narratives
  • breaking of narrative or genre conventions
  • exploding boundaries
  • rebellions and social upheaval
  • fractured selves
  • apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic visions
  • destroying taboos
  • reinvention, renewal, and rebuilding
  • avant-garde movements
  • discoveries, thinkers, or events that radically changed the world

Please submit an abstract of 250 words for a 20-minute paper and a 100-word biography to by Friday February 18, 2016.