Our Literary Excellence

If you have studied literature in Canada, chances are that you have already begun to study at York.  Over the past three generations, directly and indirectly, York’s English faculty have shaped the ways in which literary study is carried out across the country.  York's prize-winning graduate faculty are committed to research and teaching that is "theory forward" and scholarly investigations that develop contemporary approaches to the various media of textual dissemination across the full span of literary history.  In the dynamic arena of World Literature, we are creating a York-unique approach that blends postcolonial studies, community engagement, and social justice.  Our tradition has always been to challenge the idea of tradition itself.

Studying here is about pursuing relevant issues and creative ideas through engagement with the material, your professors and peers, collaboratively and supportively.  Our community of scholars works within and across programs to engage interdisciplinarity much more deeply and significantly.  Strong disciplinary knowledge and dynamic interdisciplinary acumen work to provide the critical thinking, speaking, writing, and researching skills necessary for leadership both inside and outside of the Academy.

Today, our doctoral graduates are professors at UBC, Simon Fraser, U Alberta, Queen's, McGill, UNB, and elsewhere across North America.  Master's and doctoral graduates have translated their degrees into dynamic careers in the arts, government, NGOs, online and print journalism, publishing, project management, and a host of entrepreneurial businesses related to arts, education, and community development.