Grants & Awards


  • 2018—David Goldstein, three-year Mellon Fellowship (2018-21) for “Before ‘Farm to Table’: Early Modern Foodways and Cultures,” Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, D.C.
  • 2018—Deanne Williams, two-year Canada Council for the Arts Killam Fellowship (2018-20) for “The Girl on Stage in Early Modern England.” ($140,000).
  • 2017—Marcus Boon, SSHRC Insight Grant, ($85,056): "Practice: Towards a History of Aesthetics After Art, 1900 - Present."
  • 2017—Lily Cho, York–Massey Fellowship
  • 2017—Darren Gobert, SSHRC Insight Grant ($82,513): "Purge, Purify, Clarify: Cultural Histories of Catharsis."
  • 2016—Lily Cho, SSHRC Insight Grant ($84,002): "Mass Capture: making non-Citizens and the Chinese Head Tax in Canada"
  • 2016—Lily Cho (co-awardee), SSHRC Insight Development Grant ($41,152): “Picturing Race and Citizenship: Photography and Belonging in Canada”
  • 2016—Julia Creet. (co-awardee), SSHRC Connection Grant ($25,000): “Paris in Post-war Jewish Literary Memory”
  • 2016—Darren Gobert, President’s University-Wide Teaching Award
  • 2016—Darren Gobert, Harry Ransom Center Research Fellowship in the Humanities, University of Texas at Austin
  • 2016—David Goldstein, SSHRC Insight Grant ($106,259): “With Whom We Eat: Literature and Commensality”
  • 2016—Khomenko, Natalia ($32,058): “Making Shakespeare in Soviet Russia”
  • 2016—Medovarski, Andrea ($46,810): “Unmanageable Stories: Cultural Representations of the Middle Passage”
  • 2016—Priscila Uppal, Factory Theatre New Play Development support: “Blue”; “The Elephant in the Room”; “What Linda Said”.
  • 2016—Priscila Uppal, Ontario Arts Council Grant. “What Linda Said.”
  • 2016—Priscila Uppal, Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council Grants for short story collection: "This Story Will Cure You."
  • 2016—Agnes Whitfield, Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris, France. La diffusion internationale de la recherche en sciences humaines e sociales (€2,730): “Stratégies pour favoriser la pluralité des langues.”
  • 2014—Priscilla Uppal, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
  • 2013—Lesley Higgins & David Latham, SSHRC SR Grant ($170,982): The Collected Works of Walter Pater. 10 vols.
  • 2012—Elicia Clements, SSHRC Insight Grant ($76,147): “Modernist Literary Musics”


University–wide Dissertation Prize Winners

  • 2019–Anna Veprinska, “‘The Skin of Another:’” Empathetic Dissonance in 20th and 21st Century Poetry after Crisis.”
    2017—Melissa Dalgleish, “Her Constellated Mind: Jay MacPherson’s Modernism and the Canadian Mythopoeic Turn.”
    2015—David Coodin, “A Sudden, Inexplicable Onrush of Affectionate Feeling: Subjectivity Beyond Limit in Cather, Larsen, Fitzgerald and Woolf.”
    2014—Amanda Paxton, “All or Nothing: Sado-Erotics and Subjectivity in Victorian Religious Poetry.”
    2011—Jordana Greenblatt, “Words Like That: Reading, Writing, and Sadomasochism.”

Award Winners


  • Tyler Ball—SSHRC CGS Doctoral Fellowship
  • Dan Dufournaud—SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship
  • Maybelle Leung—SSHRC CGS Doctoral Fellowship
  • Sidney Cunningham—OGS Award
  • Kristen Smith—OGS Award
  • Benjamin Taylor—OGS Award International


  • Matthew Dunleavy—St. George's Society Award
  • Eric Schmalz—Clara Thomas Doctoral Scholarship
  • Charlotte Speilman—St. George's Society Award
  • Clare Wall—Anne Simone Graduate Student International Conference Award
  • Julianna Will—Victor Hedges Graduate Scholarship


  • Sydney Tyber—SSHRC CGS Doctoral Fellowship
  • Rachelle Stinson—SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship
  • Rachelle Stinson—St. George's Society Award
  • Benjamin Taylor—OGS Award International
  • Eric Schmalz—OGS Award


  • Eric Schmalz—Linda Heather Lamont-Steward Fellowship in Canadian Studies
  • Anna Veprinska--Fellowship. Holocaust Memorial Museum.  Washington, DC.


  • Aaron Kreuter—SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship
  • Katie Ryan—SSHRC CGS Master's Fellowship
  • Alexander Ferrone—OGS Award


  • Sydney Tyber-- J.W. McConnell RECODE Grant for Social Innovation


  • Samantha Bernstein—OGS Award
  • Aaron Kreuter—OGS Award