Prospective Students

students moving around inside Vari Hall

We are proud of our reputation for adventurous, interdisciplinary and innovative approaches to literature.

For us, it is axiomatic that reading be informed by theory, history and criticism, and our faculty and courses represent a comprehensive range of theoretical, historical and critical approaches to literature across the historical sweep of English-language literatures in all genres from their very beginnings to today’s global spectrum of voices and expressive forms.

Our tradition has always been to challenge the idea of tradition itself, to seek out the limits of established ideas and to attend to new ones.

Study with prize-winning graduate faculty in American, British, Canadian and Postcolonial Literatures. Study in depth in such fields as Medieval and Renaissance, 18th-century and Romantics, Victorianism and Modernism, Contemporary Literature, Diaspora literature and various types of theory.

The Graduate Program in English at York University is pleased to offer Canada’s first Graduate Diploma in World Literature.