MA in English

The Graduate Program in English offers a one-year, full-time MA degree. The degree is fully funded: if you are admitted to the MA in English, you will receive a full tuition fellowship and up to $8000 in additional fellowship awards. So, why not pursue an MA in English?

  • 24 credits in total, or 8 3.0 credit courses;
  • Study full-time over three terms, fall, winter, and summer;
  • Or study part-time, over up to 4 years.
  • Master’s Research Project or Thesis options with reduced coursework
  • 6 course credits may be taken outside of the Program in English
  • 6 course credits may be taken as directed reading courses

There are three ways of earning a MA degree in English:

  1. By coursework: 8 half courses spread over three terms.

    This route offers the greatest exposure to a rich diversity of ideas, literatures, and theories. Lots of practice writing conference and article-length research papers and giving oral seminar presentations.
  2. Through a Master’s Research Project and 6 half courses

    The Master’s Research Project allows you to develop your own ideas and interests. It offers an opportunity to develop a critical research topic with the help of a faculty member, who supervises your project. The MRP is approximately 60 pages, written over the summer.
  3. Through a Thesis and 4 half courses

    The thesis option is the most focused, but also the most formal. The MA Thesis requires an approved proposal, a faculty supervisor, and upon completion, a formal oral defence in front of a committee and with an external examiner. Given its length (approximately 100 pages) and rigour, the MA Thesis option usually requires more than 3 consecutive terms.

For more information about the MA program, see the Grad Program Handbook.

Admission Requirements

Students will be considered for admission as Candidates for the MA degree with at least:

  • an honours degree in English, or its equivalent;
  • a minimum B+ average and at least a B+ in English and Humanities courses in the last two years of study.

Applicants are ranked for consideration; full assessment of an applicant’s file includes careful attention to grades achieved over the first degree, the Statement of Interest, writing sample, and letters of recommendation (see How to Apply). We look at numbers, but we want people who are as imaginative as they are capable.