PhD in English

There are more than 45 faculty members in the Program with diverse interests and specializations. Course work falls broadly into the following fields in which students can focus their studies and specialize in practically any period, style, and genre from the earliest literature in English to contemporary texts:

  • American
  • British
  • Canadian
  • Postcolonial/Diaspora/World Literature
  • Theory

Courses and research projects of both faculty and students often cross temporal, national, generic, and stylistic boundaries. Diverse theories permeate the approach to study and scholarship. Click the “Courses” tab to view this year’s offerings.

For more information about our PhD program, see the PhD handbook under the “Handbooks” menu.

Admission Requirements

The normal qualification for admission consideration to the PhD Programme is an MA degree in English or its equivalent with at least a B+ average or higher and undergraduate provisions as required for the Master’s degree. Candidates will be expected to enter with a reasonable knowledge of the full range of studies in English literature and language. Candidates may be required to pass a qualifying examination before admission.

While applicants are ranked initially for consideration according to their GPA, full assessment of an applicant’s file includes careful attention to the Statement of Interest, writing sample, and letters of recommendation. We look at numbers, but we want people who are as imaginative as they are capable.