Diploma in World Literature

The Graduate Program in English at York University is pleased to offer Canada’s first Graduate Diploma in World Literature.

Having been at the forefront of the Canadian development of “commonwealth” studies, York’s world-renowned faculty maintain their cutting edge in research into and teaching of the literatures of postcoloniality, the writings of diasporic and indigenous peoples and communities, theories of imperialism and its resistance, and globalization studies. Our students are drawn to our reputation for adventurous, interdisciplinary, and innovative approaches to literature.

York’s prize-winning graduate faculty offer courses across the historical sweep of English-language literatures in all genres from their very beginnings to today’s global spectrum of voices and expressive forms. With a history of achievement and renown, equipped with an accomplished faculty of superb researchers and talented teachers, and with the enthusiasm and creativity of our excellent students, York’s Graduate Program in English consistently maintains its well-recognized place in the vanguard of literary inquiry in Canada. We are pleased to offer the first Diploma in World Literature in the country, and invite students to join us in shaping this exciting new field of inquiry.

Designed to highlight and give official accreditation to our students’ transnational, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary literary expertise, this Diploma is unique in Canada. It can lead to prospective careers in a range of areas requiring a high level of cross-cultural competency and literacy in this era of globalization, from government to the global creative industries. The Graduate Diploma in World Literature can be obtained in conjunction with an M.A. or Ph.D. degree in English, Humanities, or Translation Studies.

“World literature is not an infinite, ungraspable canon of works but rather a mode of circulation and of reading.” —David Damrosch